Welcoming the new Level 4 students

Last week the Law School welcomed the new Level 4 students with various induction events. For many of the students who have not studied Law before, the induction week provided an opportunity to start thinking about recent news stories and the legal impact of them. We focused on three topical stories, considering the sources of […]

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A new era in end of life cases?

Cases involving end of life decisions are always contentious and tend to be highlighted in the media due to the ongoing debate as to whether the United Kingdom should legalise euthanasia.  The latest judgment in relation to this topical area came earlier this week, in the ruling of M (by her litigation friend, Mrs B) v […]

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Do you know your employment rights?

In the latest of recent headline cases involving employment law, last week it emerged that many large companies have failed to pay their workers the national minimum wage. On Thursday 17th August, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs listed 233 employers that had failed to comply with the legislation relating to minimum wage.  The following link […]

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An end to the Charlie Gard case

For anyone who has been following the Charlie Gard case in the news, it has been an eventful few months which has demonstrated the efficacy of the court system and the perils that judges face in such cases. The background Charlie Gard was born with a rare genetic condition, which has progressively worsened. The 11-month […]

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