The need for Medical Law reforms? A view on the Abortion Act and the system of organ donation.

In the final Medical Law workshop of this Semester, the students had the opportunity to consider recent news stories and developments in the area of Medical Law. Whilst there is much in the news at present, the two areas the students decided to focus on was the law on abortion and the proposed change in […]

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Law and Accounting Christmas Quiz

Last night, students from the Law and Accounting teams went head-to-head in an International themed quiz. Rounds included international flags and landmarks, name the song, general knowledge and a devilishly difficult Christmas round. Winners of the wooden spoon were the group ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ (Level 5 Law students, Harry, Shauna, Kate and […]

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Welcoming the new Level 4 students

Last week the Law School welcomed the new Level 4 students with various induction events. For many of the students who have not studied Law before, the induction week provided an opportunity to start thinking about recent news stories and the legal impact of them. We focused on three topical stories, considering the sources of […]

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A new era in end of life cases?

Cases involving end of life decisions are always contentious and tend to be highlighted in the media due to the ongoing debate as to whether the United Kingdom should legalise euthanasia.  The latest judgment in relation to this topical area came earlier this week, in the ruling of M (by her litigation friend, Mrs B) v […]

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